In India, Heart disease is a growing concern as a number of people suffering from cardiac issues are increasing rapidly despite creating much awareness. We at BBR Hospital believe in taking a comprehensive and personalized approach towards each patient with utmost care. BBR hospital is a prominent Cardiology Hospitals in Hyderabad, with an integrated facility, and dedicated team of cardiologists & cardiac surgeons. We are known to offer comprehensive, diagnosis and treatment options for cardiac as well as cardio thoracic conditions. The department of cardiology, is a synergy of a state-of-the-art facility, technology, certified doctors, best practices in non-invasive, interventional as well as surgical procedures & comprehensive emergency services.

Our advanced and scientifically based treatments for various heart disease have always been the hallmark of BBRHospital.  At BBR hospital, Heart Institute is equipped with latest Electrophysiology laboratory and other latest equipment’s. BBR hospital is renowned for catering value-added services beyond customer expectations. For many cardiac sufferers, it has emerged as a beacon of hope. The success rate is very high in bypass surgeries & open heart surgeries, and it is also known as a front-runner especially for transplantations, minimally invasive heart surgery& high risk heart surgeries.

BBR Cardiologists team

The cardiologists at BBR hospital provides comprehensive as well as multi-disciplinary care to patients suffering from various heart diseases. Our entire team of nurses,doctors, technicians & heart specialists ensures efficient and exceptional patient care. They are available round-the-clock to provide prompt assistance & ensure quicker recovery. Also, we are expertise in managing even acute cardiac emergencies. Our wide range of services subsume primary as well as complex coronary angioplasties, percutaneous valvular interventions, stent implantation and aortic valve replacement.

Our dedicated cardiac group has developed a culture of excellence in patient care with its exceptional team efforts. We are committed to patient centric care,and contribute to our record of supreme clinical outcomes. People who approach us believe and trust us and we ensure that we meet their needs and provide the best treatment at affordable cost.

Why only BBR Hospital

·         High success rate

·         Dedicated team to treat various heart diseases.

·         24/7 emergency services

·         State-of-the-art facility and technology used

·         Experienced and certified cardiologists

·         Offers comprehensive world-class cardiac services

·         Vast experience in performing the most complicated surgeries such as coronary artery bypass surgery, pediatric heart surgery, and so on with success rates similar to international standards.

Every year, our doctors at BBR hospital treats thousands of patients, with such experience, today, we excels in offering quality care in both outpatient and inpatient services. Ranging from angina to valvular diseases to complex or rare heart diseases in children, our team of expert doctors have succeeded in treating patients to full recovery.When you are looking out for cardiac care, just approachBBR Hospital.


We are always there to assist you by providing precise care at right time. For all of us, work is an important part of life, but we cannot compromise when it comes to health.Getting tested & treated from the best of Cardiology doctors of BBR hospital for all issues is not only a wise choice but also a significant one to ensure healthy living.