Emergency and trauma care

During any emergency conditions, time is very crucial to save one’s life. Care providers must be well-experienced and know the importance of time to take quick and precise decisions on right time. Any sort of delay, or even a small mistake can cost the patient’s life. BBR hospital’s emergency medicine & trauma care facilities are one of the most innovative in Hyderabad and India.

At BBR hospital, we have specialty care sections for accident & trauma, pediatrics emergencies and cardiac emergencies. We are one of the leading emergency care departments with several years of experience in treating hundreds of patients every year. Our, emergency care wards are well furnished with advanced technology machines to offer with the best of care and service to victims

Why BBR Hospital for Emergency and trauma care

As forerunners of Emergency care services, the Emergency Care department at BBR hospital ensures you the highest levels of skill, infrastructure and expertise.

The protocols at our round the clock emergency service & trauma care department are designed to respond faster, and have proven results that are on par with the international standards. Further, we keenly leverage our multi-specialty ability to deliver the vital edge in emergency care.

At BBR hospital, there is always quick and easy access to the best trauma surgeons who are capable of performing cutting edge techniques. We do have experienced and leading cardiologists, neurosurgeons, neurologists and trauma specialists who are on 24×7 standby for expert care during the time of medical emergency. Our experience taught us, the significance of every minute. Moreover, we assure in providing globally benchmarked medical support to help patients in getting recover, quicker.

Our expert doctor team is completely dedicated and enough capable to manage strokes and other cardiac problems which occur suddenly. We also track numerous significant metrics to make sure that the care process is efficient and smooth every single time.

Our team:

The department of Emergency and trauma care includes professionals with specialized training members who have hands-on experience in dealing with various medical emergency situations. Our team also includes, leading fellowship skilled experts in emergency care.

Our department is staffed with trauma physicians, surgical residents, emergency room physicians, and nurses – all in promptness to react to any sort of medical emergencies. They are always ready to assist people during medical emergencies, life-threatening injuries, and traumatic conditions.

Furthermore, our specially trained medical team provides superior emergency care in a high-tech facility & responds to the situations immediately. We do follow standards, ensuring each and every member of the trauma team is poised, and we offer quality care to patients in emergency situations. Our main mission is to provide care for ill and injured patients in a caring & competent manner.

When you or your loved ones need any medical emergency support, it’s a wise to choose BBR Hospital. We provide effective &quick emergency support.