Gynaecology And Obstetrics

Established in the year 1986 at Balanagar, Hyderabad, BBR Multi-specialty is one of the top-notch health care center, delivering a wide range of Gynecological,Obstetrics, Surgical, Pediatric and Laparoscopic services. We have the best and experienced Gynaecologists, who got immense admiration in offering exemplary maternity services as well as infertility treatments.

Since our inception, we have strived with great success in delivering the highest standards of care and hospitality for patients while keeping with the modern in Medical Advancement.

Why BBR Hospital for Gynecology and Obstetrics

The obstetricians/gynecologists at BBR hospital offer comprehensive health care for female of all ages. Our clinic boasts state-of the art diagnostic facilities, and our doctor’s provide expertise general gynecologic health care, preconception counseling, and normal and high risk obstetrics.We use cutting-edge techniques subsuming laparoscopic surgery and obstetric and gynecologic ultrasound

Further, we also offer innovative techniques in treating and diagnosing the gynecologic conditions such as:

·         Infertility

·         Maternity

·         General Surgery

·         Surgical Gastroenterology

·         Pediatrics

At BBR Multi-specialty hospital, for usthe needs of the patient come first. Our mission is to inspire hope & contribute to well-being and health by offering the best care for each and every patient by integrated clinical practice

Doctors at BBR Hospital

BBR Hospital team comprises of highly qualified consultants as well as best Gynecologists who are talented in treating minor problems to complex issues. Our expert team offers comprehensive Health Care for Women with individualized approach. For every woman we given one to one care and clarify all their doubts or issues with scientific evidence.

Our health care services for women ranging from puberty, adolescence, reproductive age group to menopause. We believe in promoting health and wellness of women by offering high quality services and treatment best of them.

At BBR Hospiatl, we have renowned Gynecologists and Laparoscopic surgeons, who strongly believe in Evidence Based Practices. They are passionate about quality women’s health care and our staff is well trained and professional in dealing with patients and possess required skills to address gender, language and cultural barriers.

Till date, we have successfully treated women across the country. Moreover, we strive to create a emotional, physical and spiritual atmosphere that is comfortable, inviting and safe for all women.

What We Do

At BBR hospital from conception to delivery, we have the best doctors. If you suffer from a medical issue, are having twins or triplets, or are having any pregnancy risk, we do offer the services such as:

·         Advice

·         Examinations

·         Emotional support

What We Offer

We offer comprehensive care in a compassionate, relaxing, female-friendly environment. Our services comprises of:

·         Abnormal Bleeding

·         Basic Infertility Work-up

·         PAP Smears

·         Cancer Screening as well as Prevention

·         Contraception Options

·         Infertility

·         Hormone Therapy

·         Fibroids

·         HPV Vaccinations

·         Menopausal Care

·         Incontinence

·         Menstrual Problems

·         Pelvic Pain

·         Vaginal Discharge

·         Sexually Transmitted Diseases

At BBR hospital, we are completely focused on providing preventive health care & treatment for female diseases for every women irrespective of their age. Are you pregnant? Or dealing with menopause, or any other issue, our medical specialists ready to help you, we offer best fertility treatment in hyderabad