Interventional Radiology

BBR Multi-specialty hospital provides outstanding interventional radiology services. We are proud of our innovative capabilities, both in talent as well as technology. Our team comprises of well-trained interventional radiologists whouse sophisticated techniques to diagnose and treat various issues.

At BBR Multi-specialty, our radiologists use imaging guidance and minimally invasive methodswhich helps in diagnosing and treating painful conditions.

Why BBR Multispecialty Hospital

Our Interventional Radiologists doctors are specialized in minimally invasive, targeted treatments done using imaging for guidance.

The Interventional Radiologists at BBR Multi-specialty are fellowship-trained and are having required qualifications in vascular imaging as well as interventional techniques. With the blend of their expertise and advanced training in non-surgical techniques using image guidance, our interventional radiologists treats various conditions throughout the body by providing treatment directly to the source of the problem without any surgery need.

Further our staff at BBR multi-specialty are committed to excellence in patient care as well as inassisting patients win the battle against the vascular disease.

Our team

BBR Hospital team of interventional radiologists treats diseases or conditions in almost every area of medicine. For example, our IR specialists can break up clots within the arteries, treat varicose veins, close off blood vessels which feeds tumors, drain blocked organs, deliver cancer treatment directly to tumor through its blood supply, and perform biopsies—all by way with tiny incisions.

Along with interventional radiologists, our IR team includes licensed Radiologic Technologists and Registered Nurses. Each and every member of the team has focused training in interventional procedures and progressive nursing care. We constantly adopt the modern technology as well as master new techniques in order to provide better service to our patients with the utmost care.

Interventional imaging technologies performed at BBR Multi-specialty:

The following are the some of the common interventional imaging technologies:

·         CT

·         X-ray

·         MRI

·         Fluoroscopy

·         Ultrasound

Advantages of Interventional Radiology

Below are the some of the advantages of Interventional Radiology

·         This procedures needs no large incisions; they can be performed through a small nick i.e. size of the lead tip of a pencil.

·         No large scars will appear as there is no open surgery

·         Usually most of the procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis.

·         Very rarely, patients may require general anesthesia, normally moderate sedation will be enough.

·         The recovery time, risk and pain are reduced significantly.

·         In some cases Interventional Radiology procedures are less expensive than surgery or other available alternatives


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