Maxillofacial Surgery

BBR Multi-specialty hospital offers a wide range of surgical services. We are leaders in performing maxillofacial surgery in Hyderabad. Our expert surgeons are board-certified and offer the highest standard of care with the advanced technology available.

Our Maxillofacial surgical specialists treat all types of pathology, defects as well as injuries related to head, jaws, face and teeth.

Maxillofacial Surgery at BBR Hospital

Our Maxillofacial surgery include reconstructive surgery, which corrects facial injuries & craniofacial disorders, and treat various oral infections, mouth cancers and cysts.

At BBR hospital, we are here to assist you in prepare for and recover from the procedure or surgery. Also, we support your physical as well as emotional wellbeing, in order to return you back to a good and healthy condition as soon as possible.

Our services

Our maxillofacial service includes maxillofacial surgeons, dentists, dental surgeons, dental nurses & allied health professionals who collaborate, assisted by the advanced technology, in order to ensure that your surgery has the best outcome.

The following are the conditions we treat at BBR Hospital

·         Cysts & other oral growths

·         Oral infections

·         Cleft lip & palates

·         Impacted teeth

·         Head & neck cancer

·         Craniofacial disorders

·         Facial injuries

·         Misaligned jaws

·         Oral cancer

Some of our surgical procedures can be offered as day surgery. Our expert doctors will let you know whether that option is suitable for you.

Quick Recovery from surgery

Maxillofacial surgery affectsthe ability to chew, swallow or speak. At BBR hospital, we provide access to a wide variety of specialists including dietitians and speech pathologists who assist in your recovery process. We’re dedicated to help you return to finest health quickly.

Our oral surgery services can assist and benefit you in a number of ways:


We help you in number of ways:

·         We ensure your safety & comfort all times

·         Our treatment includes latest technology

·         We provide patient-centered approach to diagnosis & treat your disease

Our practice, located in the Hyderabad. We cater the best service for every facet of Maxillofacial Surgery. Our patients can rest guaranteed that our knowledge & skills are beyond question, also we are equipped to meet all types of oral surgery needs from the most complicated to comparatively simple cases. No matter what diagnosis, our patients are treated with dignity and respect. We are proud to say that we have 90% success rate. 

At BBR hospital we have experienced and certified surgeons who will take care of the patient before and even after the surgery. For more details about maxillofacial surgery, just contact us. We are always ready to aid you at any time.