Medical Oncology

BBR Multi-specialty hospital social commitment, professional excellence, integrity, humility and generosity has made it as one of the leading hospital in Hyderabad with state-of-art technology. We have a team of leading oncologists, who area beacon of hope for sick and downtrodden. Our oncologists heal all those in pain and transform people lives.

BBR Multi-specialty hospital for Cancer Treatment

Now-a-days, there are many people who are suffering from cancer disease. Usually, people are unaware of cancer symptoms and are overlooking it, because of which, cancer is diagnosed at the advanced stages. After all an initial detection of cancer assists in avoiding extensive, painful treatments and improves the quality of life by decreasing the painful days that an individual suffer while undergoing cancer therapy.

At BBR multi-specialty hospital, we have well-qualified experts who are preeminent in diagnosing and managing the cancer well, before it gets advanced. Also, we have a list of rare signs that helps you in tracking and getting alert to deal with cancer.

Why BBR Multi-specialty hospital

At BBR multi-specialty hospital, we analysis the patient thoroughly and perform various tests at affordable cost and provide quick results. All the samples are tested in accredited laboratory in the presence of experts. Also, we ensure to get the results in least possible time, because we believe that quick results mean less anxiety and stress.

Further, we ensure a quick, timely and seamless process, by working collaboratively with our collection centers to offer your test results.Whether the needs are small or large, complex or routine, our physicians and patients depends on us for access to a complete range of highest quality diagnostic testing

Our team of oncologist are global masters in treating cancer with wide academic as well as medical sophistication and experience.

Why choose BBR hospital?

·         Supreme Medical Proficiency

Our team of healthcare professionals are skilled, highly trained, knowledgeable and committed to alleviate pain as well as discomfort related with different kinds of cancer.

·         State-of-the-art and modern medical treatments

We are dedicated to offer quality medical care using research-based practice for treating critical illnesses as well as conditions. Our advanced treatments subsume- Digital mammography with Tomosynthesis, PET CT Scan, Cyberknife.

·         Compassionate Care

We ensure to protect and preserve life of patient at any costs. Further, we promise, outstanding patient care together with finest medical skills.

At BBR multi-specialty, we are actively functioning since our inception. Our oncology department had a humble beginning with best medical oncologists to onset with and has expanded over years by offering remarkable services.

Our doctors caters to the medical needs of both children as well as adults with cancer and is ranked as one of the leading center in India.

The following are the some of the facilities and services offered by us:

·         Outpatient patient department

·         In patient chemotherapy

·         General pediatric wards

·         Day care chemotherapy

·         Specialized Pediatric oncology ward

·         Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit

Approach us right away, to kick-out cancer in its initial stages itself.