BBR Multi-specialty hospital offers comprehensive nephrology services under one roof. It is one of the leading nephrology hospital in Hyderabad, India.

At BBR hospital, we have a team of experienced and skilled doctors, who are expertise in treating most complex kidney related disorders. Our Nephrology Department includes, leading nephrologists in India with international knowledge, they work closely with physical as well as occupational therapists to develop a complete, individualized treatment plan, considering patient’s diagnosis, professional and lifestyle requirements.

Nephrology Department at BBR hospital

BBR hospital Nephrology Department specializes in diagnosing and treating various types of kidney disorders. Our team includes nationally and globally renowned board-certified experts. We do offer a wide range of treatments by performing clinical trials.

Our Nephrologists supervise and handle all parts of treatment, subsuming early intervention, transplant, dialysis support &clinical research. They are well-trained from renowned institutions and are dedicated and passionateto provide the best quality service and advanced treatment to all people who are experiencing discomfort as well as pain because of various kidney disorders.

Our team

Patients who are suffering from kidney disease need quality care, hope and guidance. As frontrunners in kidney disease management, we offer a complete spectrum of services that takes pride in our teamwork to attain the best possible results in various Nephrology disorders.

With the assistance of our expert team and state-of-the-art diagnostic & medical equipment, we offer treatment for simple as well as complex Nephrological Conditions

Our team of experienced doctors arerecognized for their superior clinical skills, they treats all types of patients from children to elders.  At BBR, our eminent team boasts kidney transplant specialists, urologists, nephrologists and the technical expertise required to meet the challenges of this life saving process.

Further, we offer the most innovative diagnostics, dialysis support and complete pre-operative evaluation. We do, provide latest facilities available in surgical procedures, and comprehensive post-operative care to reducethe chances of infection.

Moreover, dialysis service provided by us is driven by acompetent team of nephrologists, certified haemodialysis technicians, and nurses together with registered dieticians. Nocturnal, Peritoneal and short daily dialysis & haemodialysis are offered to both children as well as adults.

Treatments at BBR hospital for Kidney disease

BBR hospital also presents convenient options of peritoneal and hemodialysis dialysis under sterile &relaxed environments. Our team of medical experts at BBR Hospitals has comprehensively trained under globally renowned nephrologists & transplant surgeons, and has immense experience of working innational as well as international set-ups. Ourmodern technology is applied in each and every diagnostic and surgical method, ensuing in improved recovery times, accurate diagnosis and superior clinical outcomes andsuperior clinical outcomes.

Our labs, theatres and wards are well equipped with advanced technology medical devices & the infrastructure makes the patient to feel comfortable during the treatment. Below are the some of the treatments offered at BBR multi-specialty Hospital for various kidney disorders.

·         Reconstructive urology

·         Neuro urology treatments

·         Kidney transplant

·         Kidney diseases

·         Uric acid nephropathy

·         Metabolic acidosis

·         Polycystic kidney disease

·         Chronic kidney disease