Neurology Department at BBR multi-specialty hospital offers end-to-end care for patients of all age groups for treating disorders related to brain, muscles, spinal cord and nerves.

Nervous system disorders includes a wide variety of disorders such as headache, epilepsy, stroke, vertigo, back and neck pain and other chronic pains, sleep disorders, Parkinson’s disease, memory problems, neuropathies and dementia and many other neuromuscular disorders. All these disorder are effectively handled at BBR multi-specialty hospital. Also, it manages neurological problems in children such as developmental delay,cerebral palsy, mental retardation &behavioral disturbances.

Neurology department at BBR Hospital

The NeurologyDepartment at BBR hospital has well-equipped electrophysiology lab where tests are conducted and supervised by the experienced electrophysiology technicians. We have a state of the art EEG and Video EEG to evaluate patients who had difficult to diagnose epilepsy disorders. Further, our neurophysiology laboratory evaluates the peripheral nerves, spinal cord and the muscles, with the use of top-of-the-line electrophysiological equipment.    

Why BBR Hospital for BBR Hospital

BBR hospital offers 24/7 support for medical as well as interventional acute stroke management by a multidisciplinary team which boasts neurologists, neurosurgeons, interventional neuro radiologists and critical-care specialists. Further, we support during emergencies such as subarachnoid hemorrhage, acute hemorrhagic stroke, Guillain-Barré syndrome, myasthenia gravis, cerebral venous thrombosis, epilepsy and acute demyelinating encephalomyelitis (ADEM).

Our team is committed to treat patients with the most severe & acute neurological disorders. Our qualified and certified team of critical care professionals offers treatment for patients with intracranial haemorrhage, cerebral venous thrombosis, sub arachnoid haemorrhage. While treating a patient, all our experts such as skilled specialists, neuro-intensive technicians, neuro-nurses, neuro-counsellors and neuro anesthetics work collaboratively and follow a standardized treatment protocols, which increases the quality of care to the highest pinnacle.

Further, our multi-disciplinary team of highly skilled professionals i.e. psychiatrists, neuro-psychologists, physiotherapists and speech therapist, strive towards teaching & re-training patients in mobility skills, cognitive processes and communication.

Our Team

BBR hospital is led by a team of globally trained &highly specialized Neurologists. Our Neurosurgeons, Psychiatrists and Psychologists, are dedicated to offer a supreme quality of medical care as well as support to all the patients at utmost care.

Leveraging ultramodern &advanced technology, our neuro specialists join hands with rehabilitative experts such as Physiotherapists, Speech Therapists and Vocational Therapists with an intention to deliver a complete, well-rounded and effective plan of treatment for each individual patient, making it as a most sought after hospital in Hyderabad for neuro services.


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