BBR multi-specialty is an epitome of clinical excellence where we strive to offer world class neurological treatment for the patients. Our team includes, brightest as well as most respected team of healthcare professionals such as Neurosurgeons,Neurophysicians, Neuroanaesthetist, Neuroradiologist, Specialist Nurses & Neuro rehabilitation therapists. They are not only experienced, attentive and compassionate but also dedicated to integrate their medical expertise with the advanced technology so that our patients can get cured, and lead a quality life.

Neurosurgery department at BBR multi-specialty has been a renowned front-runner in its field, and our services are provided round the clock by esteemed, dedicated faculty. We cater state-of-art care and equipped with first-rate infrastructure and performs a number of neurosurgical procedures every year.

Neurosurgery department at BBR multi-Specialty

Our Neurosurgery department is concerned with diagnosis, prevention, treatment & rehabilitation of neuro disorders i.e. issues related to Brain, Peripheral Nerves and Spine. Its wide range of services subsume brain surgeries which differ from skull base surgery,epilepsy surgery, intracranial tumours, pediatric surgery, and endoscopic surgery to hydrocephalus surgery.

Further, our neurosurgery Department offers wide range of neurosurgery specialty services, subsuming treatment planning, supporting therapies, surgery &rehabilitation. We have city’s best neurosurgeons at BBR Hospital, who focuses on treating patient’s injuries or disorders related to spine, brain and peripheral nerves. Also, our neurosurgeons provide either non-surgical or surgical care, based on the type of the injury or illness.

Our team

At BBR multi-specialty, our team is highly trained in all facets of neurosciences, subsuming spinal neurosurgery, neuro-oncology, and epilepsy surgery among others. Our hospital has dedicated operation theaters & neuro-anesthetists for elective as well as emergency neurosurgical procedures.

Our surgeons are well-versed with minimally invasive procedures in various surgical fields- such as endoscopic neurosurgery, minimally invasive spine surgery and endo nasal – endoscopic pituitary and skull base surgery. Moreover, our large experience as well as outstanding clinical results, in performing these techniques ensures a safer surgery & faster recovery for patients.

Why only BBR multi-Specialty

Neurosurgeons at BBR hospital are dedicated to pursue complete medical services in therapy, diagnosis, invasive & noninvasive procedures, rehabilitation, and constant care for patients with neurological conditions.

We at BBR hospital, intent to deliver scientifically sound as well as skillful neurological care. Our competent team of neurologists have the ability to treat and diagnose a number of neurological diseases. We are providing our remarkable services from past several years and attained expertise and excellence in addressing patients with neurological issues involving the spine, head, peripheral nerves and cerebrovascular system.

We have experienced neurologists & specialized neurosurgeons who are backed by the advanced medical technologies. Our strength lies in medical advances such as computational neuroscience, robotics, genomics, neuroimaging, & molecular biology. We are glad to announce ourselves to be at the forefront of neurological care.