BBR hospital is one of the most trusted eye hospitals in Hyderabad, which offers personalized, compact and advanced eye care, particularly in the fields of Modern Cataract, Pediatric Eye Care, Laser Vision Correction, Retina, Contact Lenses and other acute and chronic eye diseases. We are known to offer quality services for thousands of patients every year from across the nation.

We have advanced Out Patient Setup to perform regular ophthalmic check-ups & dispense glasses through a latest optical outlet. Also, we are enough capable of providing various types of contact lenses for all regular cases and few complicated cases such as advanced keratoconus.

Cataract Surgery at BBR hospital

At our Cataract Surgery Center, we use advanced cutting edge technology performed by our well trained Eye Specialists.We maintain transparency in our services and explains each and every problem clearly to the patient and their family members. Prior to performing any cataract surgery our counselors prepares the patient mentally and physically, so that patient remain stress-free during the surgery. Further, only after the thorough analysis of the patient we suggest the best treatment.

Moreover, we perform LASIK (Refractive surgery) in our Eye Hospital to get rid of glasses permanently. We also perform screening and treatment for Glaucoma and other common retinal issues such as Diabetic Retinopathy.

Why BBR multi-specialty for Ophthalmology

At BBR multi-specialty, our technology exceeds all standards of normalcy, which makes us the forerunner in the field of eye care. We have treated people of all age groups. Through our remarkable services, we brought light in lives of many people. The support and technology we provided throughout the years, has always been at a reasonable cost for the patients.Our main vision is to make quality &highly affordable eye care easily available for every individual, from any part of the society irrespective of rural or urban.

Our specialty

·         Offers comprehensive & affordable eye care treatment

·         Uses sophisticated technologies while doing surgeries

·         Experienced and knowledgeable Ophthalmologists

·         Prefers to use US FDA approved lenses for embedding into the eye after the Cataract Surgery

Our aim is to be a center of excellence for comprehensive eye care services and being a leader in Ophthalmology research by imparting the best of advanced practices for eye care professionals. Till date, we have been offering finest eye care with international standards to all the patients who approach us. Whatever, might be your eye problem, we are always glad to assist you.


Eyes are the one of the vital and sensitive organ that helps you in glimpsing and beautiful moments of life. Don’t overlook any issue related to eyes, it may turn your life darker. So, for any eye disorders or problems consult us immediately.