The Orthopedics center at BBR multi-specialty intends to provide first-rate treatment for various orthopedic problems & sports injuries. We are renowned to cater most comprehensive health care systems & virtually all of the finest, advanced treatments, services and technologies comparable to the best available.

Orthopedic Surgery at BBR Multi-specialty Hospital

In India, Hip and knee osteoarthritis problems are the leading causes of disability, which affects number of people and shows a drastic impact on their lifestyle. It’s a known fact that people believe that hip and knee replacements as feasible solution to overcome chronic joint pain and regain their active lifestyle.

Thanks to the advancements in joint replacement surgical procedures and advanced medical technologies, which have greatly improved the effectiveness of total knee and hip replacement. With these advancements an alarming rise is seen in the count of people choosing for joint replacement surgery for both knee and hip.

At BBR Multi-specialty hospital, our staff look after you with utmost care, even before, during, & after the surgery. Our patient information helps you in preparing both physically and emotionally for surgery.

Why BBR Multi-specialty Hospital

Doctors at BBR Multi-specialty hospital cares for all your injuries and diseases related to musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic patients who approach us have termed BBR as having the best orthopedic doctors in Hyderabad.

Our multidisciplinary procedure, which links the proficiency of specialists in reconstructive plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, physical therapy,occupational therapy, radiology and orthopedic nursing, which ensures that every patient receives the most suitable as well as responsive treatment. BBR hospital is being touted as the best orthopedic hospitals in Hyderabad.

We stand by the principles of better recovery program, which intends to speed-up and improve all the aspects of a patient’s recovery after the surgery.

What makes BBR Hospital Unique?

·         World famous Orthopedic Surgeons

·         Performs the best Knee Replacement surgeries

·         Minimally Invasive Surgeries

·         Quality services round the clock

·         Skilled and experienced doctors

Our Orthopedic Team

At BBR hospital, our team boasts globally reputed medical, surgeons & rehabilitative specialists, and occupational as well as physical therapists. We have highly skilled and committed orthopedic surgeons who are well-trained globally and have robust experience. Further, they are specialized in performing advanced Total Knee as well as Hip Replacement Surgeries in India.Our Physiotherapy Department includes highly qualified specialists and therapists.

After our inception, we attained new standards of excellence in knee and joint replacement surgeries. We are a team of best joint replacement specialists, along with evidence based practice, which assist us in delivering the most effective as well as highest quality care for all patients.


We accomplish new standards of excellence in providing hip and knee joint replacement surgeries. Approach us to get rid of all your pains, and lead a healthy and active life style.