Pediatrics and Neonatology

Pediatrics and Neonatology center at BBR multi-specialty is a top-notch center for child care which offers comprehensive pediatric, immunization, and surgical services to children of all ages. We follow a holistic approach to treat issues related to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric and Neonatal Emergency,Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, etc.

Why BBR hospital for Pediatrics and Neonatology Services

Children have an exceptional place at BBR Hospital. We are here to cater a complete range of clinical services, health promotion, tertiary care and prevention programs for adolescents as well as children.

Our team provides, 24 hour emergency service, equipped to handle various types of pediatric medical & surgical emergencies subsuming infectious diseases, respiratory failure, trauma, injuries, seizures, asthma, poisonings, foreign body aspiration, acute abdomen newborn surgical problems and acute abdomen problems. Our aim is to “Bring smile on every child’s face”, thus we provide round the clock services subsuming emergencies & intensive care to treat our sick children.

BBR hospital is dedicated to excellence in patient care. We are known to provide the highest quality health care for your family.

Starting at birth and enduring through infancy & childhood through adolescence, we offer a complete and coordinated care for the patients. Ours is a tailored and patient centered health care. We consider every birth as unique & a special event worthy individual attention as well as flexibility. Our Newborn nursery is destined for that.

Pediatrics and Neonatologists at BBR hospital

The team of Pediatrics& Neonatologists are the most experienced and highly specialized intensivists. Also, they do sophisticated technology endeavors to deliver the most comprehensive care 24/7. Our services are delivered by the team of experts across Pediatric cardiology, pediatric neonatology, pediatric rheumatology, pediatric orthopedics, pediatric gastroenterology and developmental Pediatrics.

Our motto is offer high quality complete pediatric care, with compassion and care, at an affordable cost, continuing high ethical standards to all children, who look for our services at BBR Hospital at one contact point

The pediatricians at BBR hospital are even involved in well being, development and growth of children. We do provide the cutting-edge and most effective vaccinations and treatment for the children. We conduct some vaccination programs through our outpatient department, to vaccinate the children and monitor their growth and development.

Our Services

The following are some of Our services at BBR hospital

·         General Pediatrics

·         Nutritional advice

·         Growth and Development monitoring

·         Immunization

·         Day care services

Our Neonatal intensive care unit is equipped with Open care systems, modern Monitors, Puriton Bennet ventilators, Biliblankets etc to care & support sick and pre-term babies.The Pediatric ICU is also equipped with most state-of-art facilities to cater up to date care.

To know more about our Pediatrics and Neonatal services consult us!