Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

The Department of Physiotherapy& Rehabilitation Centre at BBR Hospital has pioneered in the field of rehabilitation and physical therapy. We provide the highly specialized care, cutting-edge treatment & leading-edge technologies that allows individuals with brain injuries,neurological disorders, spinal cord injuries, and stroke, and amputation, musculoskeletal and orthopedic conditions to rebuild their lives.

We do offer the first-rate physiotherapy & rehabilitation, to people of all ages with our multi-disciplinary team that is experienced with a wide variety of health care needs. Further, our treatment includes the present problems as well as the wound prevention measures for posterity. Also, we believe in offering optimal care while adapting to the requirements& satisfaction of our patients.

Importance of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Considering today’s routines& working conditions, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation has become vital. Physiotherapy is done for the rehabilitation of neurological, orthopedic, pediatric,geriatric,gynecological, uro-gynecological & rheumatologic diseases; to identify muscle-skeletal system diseases; and to treat them. After relieving the pain, we offer preventive physiotherapy services to kick out the cause of the disease.

At BBR hospital, we provide various physiotherapy treatment methods. Based on the patient conditions and its severity we provide relevant service.

Why BBR for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

With physiotherapy, one can develop, restore and maintain maximum movement and functional ability throughout the lifespan. Our services are provided in situations where functioning and movement is threatened by ageing, diseases, injury, conditions, disorders or environmental factors.

BBR Hospital Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Unit is headed by the team of experienced and successful physiotherapists. Patients who approach us can get a significant benefit. Further, we have a dedicated unit to deliver the best patient care and experience. Moreover, our staff suggests a wide range of useful exercises to patients that quickens the recovery time. Rehabilitation at BBR hospital to ensure each and every patient receives the attention they deserve.

At BBR hospital, the department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation provide high quality services on a friendly and trustworthy environment. Our team plans as well as applies the required treatment to relieve the pain and to enhance the patient’s condition.

What we do

Our Physiotherapists help patient in the following process

·         Undertake a complete assessment/evaluation of the patient

·         Assess the findings from examination/assessment to make clinical judgments about patients/clients

·         Express a diagnosis, prognosis & plan    

·         Offer consultation within their proficiency&decide when patients needs to be referred to other healthcare professional or not.

·         Perform a physical therapist treatment program

·         Decide the results of any interventions/treatments

·         Make recommendations for self-management

We make all possible endeavors that assists patients to maximize their Quality of Life. Moreover, our team of Physiotherapists works closely with Medical Specialists, assisting patients Post surgeries.