Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Department at BBR hospital offers advanced as well as natural-looking plastic surgery services. Combining the state-of-the-art in precision technology with the quality standards of surgical craftsmanship, we take care of our patients with utmost care and offer a truly world-class experience.

Further, we work closely with our patients to cater tailor-made solutions in both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Whether the aim is to revive and improve or to overhaul and reinstate function and appearance, our emphasis is always on offering exemplary care and gratifying solutions for all the patients who approach us.

Why BBR hospital for Plastic Surgery

At BBR hospital, we focus on offering a natural appearance and a less-is-more approach particularly in our cosmetic procedures. Our treatments admire the balance as well as proportions of face & body, and produce outcomes that restore and improve, but are never spoilt.

We are highly experienced in high-precision & micro surgical techniques. These procedures notify our work at each and every stage, enabling us to do procedures that would be incredible otherwise and provide us better refinement in outcomes.

Further, surgeons at BBR hospital, provide a comprehensive spectrum of treatments ranging from simple procedures such as amputation of minor skin lesions, to some of the most cutting-edge cosmetic & plastic surgery procedures.

Why only BBR hospital

Whether it’s a cosmetic surgery to enhance appearance, or any reconstructive surgery to correct the defects, the department for Plastic Surgery at BBR Hospitals offers modern facilities, the latest technologies & expert surgeons to treat your cosmetic issues.

Moreover, our surgeons vast experience and well-knowledgeable in curing the comprehensive spectrum of plastic surgical problems — from the routine to rare. The services offered by us are beyond the expectations. BBR hospital is a recognized center of excellence for plastic surgery. Our treatment includes advanced & intricate procedures.

Our Team

At BBR hospital, our team comprises of highly experienced specialists in cosmetic and plastic surgery, with advanced infrastructure & a patient centric ambience – guaranteeing first-class medical attention and care. Furthermore, cross specialty consultation is done whenever needed. Our expert team includes specialists in over 50 disciplines. The services offered by us are of high quality cosmetic and are at affordable costs, with results similar to those at the leading centers across the globe.

Further, our team of experienced technicians & surgeons, with the well-known best in modern technology, come up with effective yet minimally invasive cosmetic restoration methods. Some of the renowned as well as successful procedures include rhinoplasty, face lift, eyelid surgery,liposuction, breast reduction, breast lift, breast augmentation,tummy tuck, hair transplant, body lift, laser resurfacing, reconstructive surgeries, laser hair removal and hand surgery.


Surgeons at BBR hospital have a solutions with an outstanding track record of success in various cosmetic surgeries. Thanks to our skilled plastic surgeons who are backed by innovative surgical facilities & expert nursing care. Also, we follow the latest & safest techniques, while performing surgeries and ensures minimal recovery time and discomfort.