BBR multi-specialty hospital is a well-known leader in treating and diagnosing various respiratory diseases and disorders. We offer comprehensive diagnosis as well as treatment for all chronic and acute ailments for the respiratory & pulmonary systems.

Why BBR for Pulmonology

After the inception of BBR hospital, in a very short span of time our Pulmonology Department has successfully treated number of patients who are critically ill with diseases such as COPD,extreme Pneumonia, severe Asthma, ARDS with Type 1 & 2 respiratory failure with NIV & Mechanical Ventilation. Diagnosing and treating such complicated cases & patients has helped our doctors in developing a specialized knowledge and built on experience, which offers our patients the best options for treatment and care.

It is no wonder that BBR hospital has become the one stop destination for patients with chronic lung problems. We ensure round the clock availability of facilities together with competent Consultant Doctors of Pulmonology Department at BBR hospital.

Our team

Our multidisciplinary medical teams and Pulmonologists are dedicated in respiratory care work in tandem with nurses, physicians and other staff to offer care and treatment which abides global standards. As a result,BBR is today a prosperous medical Centre of excellence in treating various respiratory care & the department is equipped with a cutting-edge Medical Intensive Care Unit with 24 hour inpatient consultation&pulmonary care services.

Also, BBR hospital has one of the most active pulmonary research programs. Further, at BBR hospitals, we have asthma and respiratory clinic. Our remarkable services are provided from past several years. We treat patients with respiratory clinic with bronchiectasis, tuberculosis, cystic fibrosis, ciliary dyskinesia and immunodeficiency.

Facilities at BBR hospital

BBR Hospital, we have an advanced thoracic care unit offering to all aspects of pulmonary medicine delivered under the single roof. It specially designed to detect diseases, and perform required interventions & provide pulmonary rehabilitation to assist patients with respiratory disorders and assist them in leading productive and healthier lives.

Our specialty

Experts in Pulmonary Medicine at BBR hospital offer complete consultative, diagnostic & therapeutic services for patients with diseases that affect the breathing and lungs. Our doctor’s use, cutting-edge technology is to provide advanced care in both the outpatient & hospital settings, including ICUs

Our Pulmonary specialists have knowledge in a wide range of respiratory conditions subsuming but not limited to: lung cancer analysis& treatment; chronic disruptive lung diseases such as interstitial lung diseases; asthma; pulmonary vascular disease including acute and chronic respiratory failure; pulmonary hypertension; sleep disorders; and various lung infections.


For any respiratory problems, reach us!