The department of Radiology at BBR Multi-Specialty hospital offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic & interventional radiology services, while maintaining values of safety as well as patient centered care. Our radiology department has advanced state-of-the-art equipment which includes modern MRI, 3D&4D ultrasound machines, CT, digital X-ray, Ultrasound, Fluoroscopy, Dexa, Mammography, X-Rays, OPG & other required equipment.

Why only BBR hospital for Radiology Services

At BBR hospital, our remarkable Radiology services are available round the clock for all routine as well as emergency imaging services. BBR hospital of Radiology and Imaging is a synergy of cutting-edge radio-imaging facilities, skilled technicians and radiologists, in order to offer, the referring doctors & the patients, an overall assessment of suspected anomalies or diseases.

Our Team

The team of radiologists & radiology technologists at BBR hospital boasts not only general knowledge but also subspecialty experience. Our expert consultant radiologists are well-trained at some of the World’s best hospitals & are professionals in various aspects of imaging.

Further, our radiologists work closely with specialty clinicians to ensure all the needed information is taken from the diagnostic data. Moreover, the team works collaboratively to decrease the possible risks as well as complications related to the procedure.

Radiology department includes of highly skilled technicians & radiologists who are committed to offer 24X7 patient care. We are also actively involved in extending our boundaries in the world of radiology & imaging through numerous research activities.

Our Services

We have initiated Radiology Services with a vision to cater quick & early detection, analysis and guidance to a customized care for disease. Here are some of our radiological imaging services:

·         Neuro-imaging

·         Gastrointestinal & hepatobiliary imaging

·         Paediatric

·         Diagnostic & interventional musculoskeletal & sports imaging

·         Gastrointestinal/Vascular/renal/neuro-interventional procedures

·         MRI or CT to assess soft tissue damages

·         Imaging tests to identify bone tumors & metastasis

·         Stress X-ray & arthrography to assess bones as well as joints for infection, fractures, swelling, deformities, diseases and injuries such as arthritis.

The following are other few procedures are which are usually done in association with oncologists & interventional radiologists.

·         Localizing sentinel lymph nodes prior to surgery in cancer of breast, skin and soft tissues

·         Identifying rare tumors of adrenal glands or pancreas

·         Planning cancer treatment &evaluating the response

·         Identifying the recurrence of cancer

·         Antenatal pregnancy scans

·         Evaluating intra-operative & post-operative complications

·         Assessing diseases (or damage) of organs in renal, digestive, respiratory, endocrine and circulatory system

·         Evaluating inflammation & blockade in lymphatic system

·         Assessing systemic infection & fever of unknown origin

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