BBR Super Specialty Hospital, offers remarkable & dedicated anesthesia care to the diverse spectrum of surgical services subsuming neurosurgery, plastic surgery, surgical oncology, surgical gastroenterology, pediatric surgery, maxillofacial surgery, vascular surgery, orthopedics, otorhinolaryngology, general surgery and obstetrics and gynecology. Our doctors provide safe & effective anesthesia care to the patients at highest order. We ensure to deliver timely, empathetic clinical care with international standards.

Why Anesthesiology services are important

Anesthesia helps the patients to feel relaxed, relieves stress and pain so that surgery can be performed easily. Our expert’s anesthesiologists combines various techniques as well as medicines, which minimizes the side effects and gives a quick recovery.

Our Anesthesiology services, includes,

  • Local
  • Sedation
  • Regional
  • Epidural
  • Spinal

Anesthesiology department at BBR Super Specialty Hospital

Our anesthesiologists liaise with other specialists, prior to provide ideal pain relief for people suffering with chronic pain. At BBR, anesthesiology team offers the individuals the most advanced anesthesiology & pain management services that are available with a wide range of general, local and regional procedures.

Further, our team is certified in various aspects of anesthetic management, which includes pediatric, regional, obstetrical and thoracic anesthesia, & critical care and pain management.

Moreover, anesthesiology staff at BBR are indulged in several aspects of surgical care, subsuming preoperative evaluation, monitoring patients at the time of surgery, & afterward in recovery room.

Why BBR Super Specialty Hospital for Anesthesiology

BBR Super Specialty Hospital serves as a model of excellence in catering Department of Anesthesiology. Our certified and experienced anesthesiologists sets BBR Super Specialty Hospital Anesthesiology services apart from other hospitals throughout India.

BBR Super Specialty Hospital one among the very few hospitals that offer exclusive 24/7, Anesthesiology server including in-house. We are committed to offer state-of-the-art & comprehensive pain management services around the clock.

Other Specialized Services of BBR Super Specialty Hospital include:

  • Anesthetic care in labor as well as delivery for labor & cesarean section
  • Anesthetic care for surgical or operational processes
  • Progressive peripheral nerve blocks for managing pain after operation
  • Specialized techniques of regional anesthesia
  • Sedation for services such as endoscopy, cardiology, radiology, bronchoscopy & emergency room
  • Consultation for airway management across the hospital

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