Cardiothoracic Surgery

Cardiothoracic Surgery is an effective treatment for several conditions of heart that can’t be managed or treated by medications or lifestyle changes. A surgical treatment for Heart condition can be shocking for you and your loved ones. In order to ensure a successful surgery, it is vital to find a best Cardiothoracic Surgery hospital and surgeon. At BBR Super Speciality Hospital, we are pioneer in offering exceptional Cardiothoracic Surgery services to the customers and continues to set the pace as a forerunner in research innovation, patient care, and hands-on education of future surgeons.

Our Center of Excellence 

Our cardiothoracic surgery includes complete range of robot assisted cardiothoracic surgery, cardiothoracic surgeries, heart transplantation, adult cardiac surgery, heart failure surgery, lung transplantations, thoracic surgeries, congenital cardiac repairs, pediatric & aneurysm surgery and other lung related surgeries. We have an expertise team who nurture’s each and every patient at utmost care. Each and every surgeon of our cardiothoracic surgery team has been trained in leading institutes across the globe, and holds an international experience in many treating procedures at our center.

At BBR Super Speciality Hospital, we use advanced technologies & instrumentations to perform vascular and cardiothoracic surgery. We have a highest success rate in performing various cardiac surgeries. We offer 24/7 emergency services in order to ensure right treatment at right time for every individual

Our team

BBR Super Speciality Hospital boasts experienced and certified heart and vascular professionals who are well trained in delivering empathetic, personal, innovative, expert care to the patients. Our surgeons pool is trained in state of-the-art technology, and follow a comprehensive approach in treating and curing heal.

Our heart surgeons perform a number of open-heart procedures every year and within no time we have been rated one among the top hospitals across the nation especially for heart surgery. Most of the invasive & minimally invasive procedures performed by BBR heart surgeons employ the recent innovations in the treatment of cardiovascular problem. Further, our staff are highly experienced and talented. We do have enthusiastic and strong support teams and researchers who work dedicatedly to find new treatments.

Moreover, we have experienced nurses who take care of patient and provide support as well as advice not only at hospital but also when they are return home. Our aim is to assist patients to recover fully and regain as much individuality as possible.

If you are looking out for best cardiothoracic surgeons and cardiac surgeons either for you or loved ones, just get in touch with us! Our team is always ready to assist you round the clock. We are experts in handling acute heart diseases to chronic and complex heart surgeries.

Don’t delay! Approach us immediately for any sort of heart disease assistance.