ENT Surgery

The department of ENT at BBR multi-specialty is expertise in all features of ENT and Ear & Skull Base Surgeries. Also, we are pioneer in performing Skull Base Surgery and treating diseases such as Dizziness & Tinnitus, Sinus Disease, Voice Disorders and Children’s Ear Problems. We believe that senses allow us to experience every nuance of the world we live in. Lack of even one sense can deny us from the freedom to live life to the fullest. Thus, with our remarkable services we ensure that any obstacle or issue related to ear, nose or throat will be cured.

Problems treated at BBR Multi-specialty hospital

BBR Multi-specialty hospital is constantly evolving and growing. Our team is dedicated for prevention and alleviation of ENT suffering in patients either with medical & surgical disorders in the field of Otolaryngology. They diagnose and treat problems related to ear, sinuses, nose, larynx (voice box), throat, mouth, neck and head. Further, our doctor treats patients through both medical and surgical procedures, with which they cure all types of ear diseases such as hearing loss, ear injury, sudden hearing loss, ear infections &complicated and difficult issues.

At BBR Multi-specialty hospital we also treat other balance disorders, sinus & snoring disorders, inhalant allergies, voice & swallowing problems.​

Why only BBR Multi-specialty hospital

  • Years of experience in ENT Surgeries
  • Doctors at BBR Multi-specialty hospital performed number of major and minor ENT surgeries
  • Expertise and successfully treated thousands of complicated oral cancers & thyroid cancer cases.
  • Our team includes certified and talented Otolaryngologists
  • Ours is the Best ENT Hospital in Hyderabad.
  • We provide the most innovative and advanced treatment in ENT to our patients at affordable cost
  • We do have well-equipped ICU with committed support staff

Our team

Our team boasts knowledgeable and qualified specialists, who are experienced in the field of ENT from past several years. They were trained and certified at prestigious institutes both in India & abroad and have the requisite global exposure to treat any sort of condition.

The Department of ENT at BRR Multispecialty hospital is well supported by Audiology and speech pathology department to provide comprehensive evaluation as well as management options for patients with speaking, ear/hearing, & swallowing related difficulties.

If you or your loved ones are suffering from any of the ENT issues, just approach us. We are here to guide and assist you by providing exceptional ENT services. Our ENT surgeons are highly experienced and certified. Also, we treat you with utmost care and treat your vertigo/dizzines, allergies, provide hearing services, & offer both adult & pediatric care, and more. Moreover, we welcome you to visit our practice and meet our team of Ent Surgeon, Speech Therapist and Audiologist who delivers exceptional care for you and your entire family.