General Medicine

Department of General Medicine at BBR multi-specialty hospital is focused on delivering first-class and comprehensive care for preventing diseases, managing chronic disorders and providing treatment for hospitalized patients.

At BBR, our aim to offer extensive services in general medicine and all other subspecialties through evidence-based, empathetic, longitudinal care with a special focus on those with multiple chronic medical issues in close coordination with other departments. Our general medicine services deal with prevention, diagnosis & treatment of adult diseases.

Our general medicine consultants are armed to deal with any sort of problem a patients brings— no matter how rare or common, or how complex or simple. We provide laboratory support and treatment services for in-patient care and emergency cases round the clock. Our first and foremost priority is patient’s health.

Why BBR Multi-specialty hospital for General Medicine

BBR Hospitals is a super specialty hospital dedicated on tertiary care services in the various fields of Medical and Surgical operations. We are known to offer outstanding and affordable healthcare facilities, with expert clinical care backed by cutting-edge research in both urban and rural areas.

Further, BBR works as a standalone center for allied specialties in ENT, Cardiology, Orthopaedics, General Medicine & General Surgery, Diabetology, Critical Care, Dermatology, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Endocrinology, Pulmonology, Gynaecology and Rheumatology.

At BBR multi-specialty hospital, ‘Patients Come First’. Our main objective is to provide international level medical services to all the patients who approach us.

Our Team

BBR clinics backed by expert doctors team in various disciplines and our state-of-the-art diagnostic facility is a perfect neighborhood for family healthcare. Also, our doctor’s highest level of dedication to patient care assures patients health as well as well-being in safe hands.

Our team is dedicated to cater reliable, fast and affordable services with uncompromising dedication to ethics, quality and world-class laboratory practices. We are known for quality time the doctors’ spend with the patients. Our specialization is in treating patients with diseases such as thyroid, diabetes, hyper-tension, metabolic issues, cardiac and general illness.

At BBR multi-specialty, our doctors are highly skilled and experienced in the managing patients who have undistinguishable or multisystem diseases. Our general medicine department is an ideal starting point for patients looking for specialist care, as we coordinate the therapeutic efforts of multiple departments in order to make the best decisions for the patients.

Our General medical care

We provide care to adult patients through

  • P.D
  • P.D
  • Speciality Clinic
  • Supporting Diagnostic facilities
  • Intensive Care Units

BBR Hospital objectives of General Medicine department:

The following are the some of the objectives of General Medicine department:

  • Precise diagnosis
  • Quick treatment
  • Patient awareness about preventive aspects of diseases
  • Our department works in close relationship with all other super-specialties in order to ensure that the needs of all types of patients are identified and met properly.

Treatment & Procedures

BBR Hospital general medicine department provides treatment for the following illnesses:

  • Infections affecting various organs of body
  • All types of fevers
  • Infectious diseases
  • All metabolic diseases as well as endocrine diseases such as thyroid, diabetes, obesity and cholesterol.
  • Hypertension or Blood pressure
  • Tummy aches, infections such as vomiting, diarrhea & jaundice
  • Respiratory disorders such as asthma, lung infection, allergies, cough, pneumonia, sinusitis & TB
  • Disease related to joints and limbs, backache
  • Other illnesses such as headache, epilepsy, muscular weakness.